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Occupational Therapy


Our group provides a wide range of services and techniques to help individuals reach their full potential. At Therapeutic Designs and Services, our team works together to provide the resources and encouragement children need to enhance daily living skills and promote independence in everyday tasks.  Each therapist is committed to working with children of all ages and with all disabilities or limitations. We are creative, and utilize new and innovative ideas to develop individualized programs for each child. We strive to break down barriers, build long term relationships, and customize our techniques to fit the needs of each family. 

During their occupational therapy sessions, children learn through structured play.  Whether it's climbing through sky high tunnels or jumping from lofts, your child will experience physical exertion while playing. We may also work on puzzles, play games on the floor, or utilize sensory play items such as sand or water. Be assured though this "play" will help your child develop autonomy and achieve success - allowing them to blossom into their highest potential.

Find out more about our occupational therapists here, or download a brochure about our programs. 

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