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Whatever it is your child is experiencing, from academic setbacks to severe autism, we have a therapist here that will love and respect your child and family. Our style of treatment goes right to the root of these issues. We provide therapy that walks the whole family through all layers of healing and seeks to develop and promote the expression of each individual child. 

We are committed to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.

Occupational Therapy

Our certified occupational therapists specialize in helping all children reach their potential. We focus on sensory integration; muscle strengthening and range of motion of the head, neck, face, hands, and body; bilateral coordination; motor planning; visual perception skills; self help; and auditory processing; to name a few. Through a learn and play technique, therapy also includes direct practice of often difficult tasks and includes an at home program for parents to follow. 

Speech Therapy 

Our pediatric speech pathologists specialize in the individualized treatment of communication and swallowing disorders.  We have proven results in helping children break off old paradigms and improve their communication skills. Through a long term partnership with the child’s parents and a strong relationship with each individual child, we are able to offer customized and compassionate care in a warm environment. 

Physical Therapy 

Our team member, Nicole Kennedy brings skills in building strength, coordination, confidence in all developmental skills. She is a great problem solver and has great vision for a child's potential. She combines encouraging, pushing, and cheering them into their skills. She is known as the one that will efficiently build their skills inspite of their initial discouragement and doubt. She combines her excellent understanding of all sensory systems with her gifts in developing motor control. Nicole loves challenges and does well personalizing programs for any need.

Academic Therapy

Academic services were included to provide our community the services needed to remediate, support, and teach skills needed for academic success. These skills are provided in a sequential manner intergrated with their needs in executive functioning, self management and processing through eyes, ears, and body. We use a multi sensory approach so the child can learn throught their areas of strength while building challenge areas. Reading, math, comprehesion, spelling and writing are areas addressed.

The Assessment Process

 Does your child exhibit any of the following: 

  • Overly sensitive or emotional to sensory stimulation including touch, textures, tastes, movement, visuals or sound?

  • Under reactive to movement, touch, textures, tastes, sound?

  • Seeking intense input?

  • Weak hands and/or get tired easily while doing fine motor tasks?

  • Difficulty with learning gross motor tasks such as walking,running, riding a bike, skipping, or hopping?

  • Difficulty expressing emotions?

  • Difficulty forming friendships?

  • A lack of understanding of personal space?

  • Erratic behavior?

  • Difficulty meeting developmental milestones?

  • Strugling with self managemant?

  • Struggling with academics, language, or self expression?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, please give us a call for referral information.

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