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FAQ's and Information for New Patients


Welcome to Therapeutic Designs & Services. We would like your visit to be as easy and stress-free as possible.  Please call our office at 843-332-3600 and speak with our Office Manager, Heather Andrews for more information regarding our referral process.


Before your visit


We will need all of the following: 


  • Copies of previous evaluations - such as psychological, medical, speech, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy evaluations. (We like to have the evaluations prior to your visit. This allows us time to become familiar with your child’s history, as well as providing you with better service.)

  • Insurance card (please send a copy of both sides)

  • Occupational, Speech, or Physical therapy prescription

  • Completed online patient history and Intake forms- Receive these by contacting the office @843-332-3600

Therapeutic Designs & Services

PO Box 1923

Hartsville, SC  29551

Fax: 843-332-1314

Phone: 843-332-3600

Cell: 84-3858-8216



We will be happy to contact your insurance carrier(s) to determine eligibility and benefits. If you have questions concerning your benefits, we will help you. We will bill your insurance for you, regardless of whether they are IN or OUT of network but this does not guarantee that the services will be covered. If you have any questions, feel free to call us.

Please note: All co-pays, co-insurances and deductibles are collected at the time services are rendered. If you do not have insurance coverage, payment is expected at the time services are rendered. We are able to accept cash, credit/debit card payments.

What to Expect at the First Appointment:

Please plan to attend the first appointment with your child. It typically lasts 1-2 hours, although time may be adjusted based on the child’s ability to participate, the testing required, and what is allowed by your insurance carrier. An evaluation will be conducted during this time to assess your child’s current skill level and need for therapy. The therapist will discuss with you your child’s history and any concerns you may have. Based on the information collected, necessary tests will be performed. Recommendations concerning future therapy sessions will then be made based on their professional observations about issues, such as developmental delays or impairment, and test results. These findings will be discussed with you. If therapy is recommended, future therapy appointments can be scheduled. 


Future Sessions:

Sessions usually last an hour. They are play-based and designed to engage your child in activities they enjoy while addressing therapy goals. The last 10-15 minutes may be used to cover treatment plan and progress with the parent or caregiver as well as provide suggestions for home exercises, if applicable. Since therapy appointments are scheduled back-to-back, if you arrive late, your therapist will not be able to discuss progress or home exercises with you. 

For your convenience, parents are allowed to leave the clinic during their child’s appointment provided they leave an emergency number on file with our office and return 10 minutes before the session ends. Chronic tardiness will result in the parent being asked to remain on site during appointments.


We look forward to working with you!


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